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We pick up on Monday's and Thursday's all year round. WE ALSO HAVE DROP OFF DAYS TOO! The drop off location is at: 2091 Stratton Ct Ann Arbor, MI. Drop off times are Monday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm. Simply use our drop off shed out front of our building to leave your books, no contact.

The date selected below is the first available pickup date.

Please leave any special instructions or remarks in the box below.

Our pickup area is generally within Washtenaw County. If you are outside of Washtenaw County, please call 734-800-5259 to check availability for a pick up.

Please place your books and other media on the porch (or other safe, dry location) by 8 am on the scheduled pick up date.

Thank you very much for your interest in giving your books and freeing up space in your home.