Frequently Asked Questions


We are located in SE Ann Arbor at 2091 Stratton Ct. Ann Arbor, MI 48108
We take:
  • New
  • Old
  • Children's books
  • College textbooks
  • Hard cover
  • Soft Cover
  • Pretty much if it's a book, we'll take it!
We do not take:
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Cassette tapes (unless an audiobook)
  • VHS tapes (we have stopped taking VHS tapes as of October 15, 2020)
  • Moldy or mildewed books
We take:
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Video Games
  • Audiobooks
  • Software
  • Vinyl Records
Some of the books are sold to support our free pickup service. Others are given away free of charge to others in the community. We have held a low-cost community book sale called JLC Book Sale 2-3 times a year for many years now to get books back into the community. Because of the pandemic we are all experiencing, we had to cancel those this year. Our book sale Facebook page shows what they looked like if you want to check it out here: Facebook page. Now though, we have been giving books directly to the community through our Free Book Giveaway. Videos of our giveaway can be found here. We also give books to schools and teachers who in turn are giving them directly to students who need them at home. Because of schools being virtual and students having limited access to libraries and books, we have learned there is a huge need for these books.
You sure can. We accept books and media on Mondays and Thursdays, year round.
We are not a non-profit. We are a local family business that offers our free community pickup service to help you free up space in your home.
Because we are not a non-profit we can not give any tax deduction forms. If you need a tax form you may want to take your books to a registered 501(c)(3) organization. If a tax form isn’t needed, we can pick your books up for free.
No worries, we will still be coming. Please make sure the books are covered so they will stay dry or you can move them into a garage. Just let us know if you need to move them by texting 734-800-5259 or emailing
The books should be in a box or a bag that is light enough for one person to carry by themselves. (We’re strong but we need our backs)
As many as you would like, no limit. If you have TONS please let us know so we can plan, space-wise, in our vehicle.
Absolutely! Our goal is to help you free up space in your home. If you get 4 or 5 or 10 boxes ready on one day and would like them gone so that you can have space to get others ready, that’s just fine. Just fill out a pick up request form for each day and we will be there.
Schools can request books through our teacher request form here: Please note: due to the high number of requests, we will do our best to fill all of them but many times there is a delay from the time the request is made to the time we can fulfill it as we make it our goal to get 2 books to each student per request (many schools have 300 or so students).
We pick up in Washtenaw County as of right now. If you are outside of the county you must call us at 734-800-5259 to get your pickup request approved. We do not guarantee your books will be picked up if you did not call and get approval. If you called and were approved, we will be there.
This one is HUGE... please tell others about our service. That’s it. We need your help in telling others about our free service. The best ways are on social media like Nextdoor and Facebook. If you don’t have a Nextdoor account you can get one here at:Nextdoor

Didn’t see your question answered here? Please text us your question at 734-800-5259 or email us at